About Us

Hi, this is Dalia and Joe, the founders of EverVows.

One year ago, as we approached our 5th wedding anniversary, we began to reminisce back to that magical moment that we stood before family and friends, reciting our wedding vows, thus taking our first step into a life of matrimony.

We decided to take our printed wedding vows out from its folder, place the text in stunning artwork that Dalia designed, and frame and place it on our living room wall. Visiting friends and family marveled at the idea and wanted to replicate what we had done, thus EverVows was born.

In honor of our 6th wedding anniversary last week on November 6th,  we officially launched EverVows website, featuring a beautiful selection of fine art wedding vows and texts. Each piece was designed by Dalia, who graduated from the prestigious Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London..

In order to ensure that you receive your wedding vows in a timely fashion, EverVows partners with printers in the US and the UK.

Whether you are planning your wedding, renewing your vows, or celebrating your anniversary, contact us to get started!